NWS Climate Prediction Center
Winter Precipitation and Temperature
Forecast and Observed Data Inventory:
1995-96 through 2012-13

Jan NullCM
Golden Gate Weather Services

Below are the NWS CPC 90-day Winter (December-January-February) outlooks and observed conditions for the period of 1995-96 through 2012-13 listed side-by-side for easy comparison for Precipitation and Temperature.  Both were retreived from the NWS Climate Prediction Center (CPC) archives. 

Winter Preciptation Forecasts and Verification 1996-2013
Winter Temperature Forecasts and Verification 1996-2013

Source:  http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/long_range/tools/briefing/seas_veri.grid.php

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