Sampled GFS Model Data

Interface for quick access to "sampled" point data from the GFS (Global Forecast System) model out to 384-hours.

Click on map locations or list below:

Crescent City (CEC)
Alturas  (AAT)
Eureka  (EKA)
Redding  (RDD)

Ukiah  (UKI)

Reno  (RNO)
Blue Canyon (BLU)
Sacramento  (SAC)

Santa Rosa  (STS)
Oakland  (OAK)
San Jose (SJC)
Salinas  (SNS)

Fresno  (FAT)
Bishop  (BIH)
San Luis Obispo  (SLO)
Bakersfield  (BFL)

Los Angeles  (LAX)
Palm Springs  (PSP)
San Diego  (SAN)
Las Vegas  (LAS)

- This products is updated every 6 hours at approximately hh+6.
- From the tabular data, click on any underlined value for the ciorrespeconidng map.
- Change the site for anywhere in the world by entering the 4-character ICAO.
- Use the "Options" pulldown for archived forecasts, run-to-run QPF comparisona nd much more.

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