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October 2015

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Current Data & Analyses Advisories & Forecasts California/US Studies Background
Oceanic Nino Index (ONI) - ( 05/15)   Latest ENSO Advisory,
SST Prognostic Discussion
El Niño / La Niña Winter Historic Precipitation & Temperatures   ( 08/15) Misconceptions of El Niño
Pacific SST Analysis, Animated, Global, One-Year Animation   Weekly Long-Lead Briefing Climatology of El Niño Events and California Precipitation  ( 08/15)   IRI Top Misconceptions about El Niño
 SST Anomalies by Nino Regions CPC/IRI ENSO Model Predictions Historic California Monthly Rainfall: Strong and Very Strong El Niño Events:    ( updated 10/15) Weatherwise El Niño
 Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI)  Nino 3.4 Plume Fcsts: NOAA, NASA, ECMWF,
  El Niño & La Niña...Are They Related to  California Flooding? ( updated 8/15)  ENSO Glossary 
 Real-time TAO Buoy Data Display NOAA 3 Month SST Forecasts Reanalysis of Strong and Very Strong El Niño Circulation Patterns ( updated 10/15) ( NOAA El Niño Theme Page
 SST Cross Section  Scripps SST Forecast    El Niño & California Rainfall   NOAA La Niña Theme Page 
Worldwide SST Historic Anomalies  ( updated 10/15)  Australia BOM ENSO Wrap-Up   ENSO Impacts on U.S  UCAR "El Niño Signal" N
 NASA JPL Pacific Imagery        National Geographic El Niño and La Niña Page
  NOAA Misc. Climate Indices  CPC Monthly Outlook, Seasonal Outlooks    

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